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UK Online Dogs Supplies Superstore

Dog-Style have been operating in Liverpool, England UK since 2008. We now stock many 1000’s of dogs products accessories and supplies, for every popular dog breed and many other rare breeds. We also now have 9 Senior Admin Team Members, who are also huge pet-lovers themselves.

1,000-2,000+ Daily Visitors

Dog-Style very usually generates between 1,000-2,000+ Daily Visitors. We also manage over 20,000 Verified + Active Members. During January 7th 2020 we had managed to generate over 4,300 visitors for that day. During December 9th 2019 we had over 240 visitors online together for that particular day.

Senior Admin Team

Our 9 Senior Admin Team are Emma, 24/yo; Hellen, 33/yo; Issie, 26/yo; Kelly, 28/yo; Jody 27/yo; Joel, 29/yo; Sarah, 23/y, Sherena 28yo and Ste-B who is Pets-Steps original founder and owner who is 56/yo. You can easily meet our Senior Admin Team further down this page. Each Senior  Admin Member has published their Profile and Profile Pic.

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Ste-B Special Green Border 150x150: Senior Admin Profile Pic

Hello my pet loving friends. My name's Stephen Blaney and I'm aged 55. I am the original founder and owner of Pets-Steps. We have a highly talented and radical additional Senior Admin Team - all Senior Members have been hired because they're loving pet owners themselves. I have kept pets for over 50 years or from age 5 years old when my parents bought me a floppy-eared bunny rabbit. Today I still have another floppy-eared bunny, Bugsy. I also have a Golden Labrador dog, Bingo and a Cockatiel bird, Bob, coz he bobs up and down when out of his cage. With his cage door never closed. I can be contacted when hosting Live Chat Support or from my Pets-Steps Email:

Emma Hughes Special Pink Border 150x150: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Hi Peeps, I'm 24yo Emma Hughes. I haven't hhad my Profile image and text published directly below Ste-B himself due to my importance. Although because following Stephen's profile we have been displayed in alphabetical order of First Name initial letter. I joined Pets-Steps during 2012 and I was promoted to our Senior AdminTeam during 2015. When I was younger I always knew I wanted to work with animals and always imagined how I'd work in a Zoo, be a Vet or work in a  Pet Store, as I truly do today. I still live with my parents and we have 2x Jack Russell breed dogs, Jake + Jill, a Budgie, Ronnie and an aquarium. Please Email me at:

Hellen Special Pink Border 150x150: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Hiya All, I'm Hellen Writer aged 33. I started working at Pets-Steps when it first began during 2008. Or over 12yrs ago. I love working here and I'm at my happiest and most content when I am in work. We are all only expected to and need to work a 5-day-week, however most of our team work at least a 6-day-week. Some even work the full 7-day-week, as work is never tedious or boring, but most fun. Our Senior Admin new Head Office is a day full of banter and wisecracks between the Team. I own a Manx Cat, which are naturally tailless. His name is Podgie. I also have an African Grey Parrot, Alfie. Contact Myself at my Email Address here:           

Issie Special Pink Border 150x150: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Hello there. I'm 26yo Isabel Carter. Im known to family, friends, work team and now yourself, as Issie. I joined Pets-Steps during 2010 as one of our Junior Admin Members. I was promoted to our Senior Admin Team during 2012. I'm one of the Senior Admin who works a 7-day-week. I have not had a dayaway from work for over 6 weeks or when I returned from a vacation to beautiful and wildlife rich Australia. For my vacation next year I'm planning a South African safari expedition. I live with my 4yo son who my mum takes care of as I'm working. We also have a pet rabbit, Ralph, an Aquarium and we also had a garden pond of Goldfish which were removed 1-by-1 by a hungry Heron and I had the pond turned into a sandpit until my son is older.

kelly-diaz-special pink border-1: Senior Admin Team Profile Pic

Hiya. Im Kelly Diaz, aged 28. I joined Pets-Steps during 2010, or over 10yrs ago. I was sponsored by Pets-Steps for a university education and I am now our chief web designer. I'm so very grateful to Ste-B for giving me this opportunity. If any visitors notice any broken links or images, then it would be myself who you need to report this to at my email below. I live with my husband who is also named Steven (although Ste-B is actually Stephen) We have a Kerryblue Breed of dog, Penny. Our young Siamese cat, Tuppence, always seems to bully poor Penny. I can be contacted whenever I'm hosting Live Chat Support or via my Pets-Steps Email account:

Jodie Fisher Special Pink Border 150x150: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Hey-Ya!! I am 27yo Jody Fisher, with my second name being quite a catch to work for Pets-Steps Online Pet Supplies Superstore. I am also at my most happiest when working as no 2-days are ever the same. I joined Pets-Steps Junior Admin Team during 2009. I was promoted to Senior Admin during 2012. I live with my 2 cats Peter and Jane. I named them after a series of junior school reading books I used to love. I also have a pet hamster, Henry and I breed Budgies in the spare bedroom which has been converted into an aviary. The aviary has multiple perches, swings and nesting boxes.  Contact myself anytime at my Pets-Steps Email account: -

Joel Barton Special Pink Border 150x150: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Hi Y'all. My name is Joel Barton and I am aged 29yo. Just like Jody I also joined Pets-Steps during 2009 and we began working the same day together. I remember Ste-B used to always get our names confused at first. I also love working at our Head Office as it's really chilled here and we have a local independant radio station playing gently in the background. My pets include a Tortoise over 20yrs old at least. As he was a gift for my 9th birthday presents. His name is Woody. I also keep a horse, Eric, who I fund his care and well-being at local stables. Contact myself whenever I'm Live Chat Support host - or Email me a message:

Sarah Collins Special Pink Border 150x150: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Good Day to you. My name is Sarah Collins and I'm Pets-Steps youngest Senior Admin Team Member at aged 23. I am our first main Live Chat Support host and you would usually be contacting myself for Live Support - unless I am being releaved by another Senior Admin Team Member. I still live with my parents, although almost have enough saved for a hefty deposit to own my own home we have a chi-wai-wai breed of dog who we named Pepsi as when he was just a puppy he jumped from the sofa to the coffee table and knocked the drink he is named after all over his sweet self. We also have an indoor aquarium and garden Carp fishpond:

sherena-begum-special pink border: Senior Admin Team Member Profile Pic

Hello there - My name is Sherena and I am 28yo. I was born in Bangladesh but my parents emigrated with myself and my 2 elder brothers when I was just aged 4. So my entire education has been in UK and I cannot remember living in Bangladesh. It's strange really as I can fully recall my 4th birthday, but cannot recall it being in Bangladesh. I joined Pets-Steps during 2010 - or, over 10/yrs ago and was promoted to Senior Admin Team during 2012. I now have my own place and keep a cat, Tigger, a Gerbil, Winnie and I also have a home aquarium. I can always be contacted when I'm hosting Live Chat Support for Sarah. Or, Email me at:

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Senior Admin Team

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